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Blog Correspondents

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*in this map, Blue dots: present correspondents. Violet dots: past correspndents. Red pins: regional blogs.

Correspondents are invited based on the quality of their work, style, originality, geographic location and overall skills as visual storytellers. The goal is to make the blog as diverse as possible in terms of geography and style.

Correspondents come from all corners of the world and have diverse backgrounds, from painting, architecture, journalism, advertising, illustration, graphic design or teaching. Some are veteran published authors, others are young illustrators. All of them share the same passion for drawing on location.

Being a correspondent means a strong involvement in our community of sketchers, posting to the blog regularly —a minimum of once a month— and offering feedback to fellow sketchers on the blog and Flickr. Correspondents not only add individual drawings to the blog but also narrative explaining the circumstances in which the sketch was done or a particular story behind it.

  • Cathy Gatland is an artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She blogs at A Sketch In Time.
  • Isabel Fiadeiro is a Portuguese painter and gallery/shop owner living in Nouakchott, Mauritania, since 2004. From time to time, she spends up to a month in a remote village sketching and sharing the everyday life with its residents. She blogs at Sketching in Mauritania.
  • Oumar Ball is a painter and sculptor from Nouakchott, Mauritania. His urban sketches are on Flickr.
  • Thibault Balahye lives in Angouleme, France, and creates comic books. He blogs at The Headless Man. (past correspondent)
  • Ea Ejersbo is an artist and printmaker based in Århus, Denmark. She works for Gøglerskolen School of Street Circus as a project and management secretary. She blogs at Ea's Artlog.
  • Lapin is a French illustrator working in fashion, magazines and advertising. He sketches every day in his notebooks, using this endless archive as the elements of his illustrations. He blogs at les calepins de lapin.
  • Miguel Herranz is an illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. blog
  • Álvaro Carnicero is an architect based in Córdoba, Spain.  flickr
  • Stuart Kerr is an exhibition designer and illustrator working out of Edinburgh, Scotland, and blogs at Stuco.
  • Robbe Vervaeke is an animation film-maker and teacher. He lives and works in Ghent (Belgium) and blogs at gentschetst. (past correspondent)
  • Wil Freeborn is an illustrator based in Glasgow. blog
  • Samantha Zaza is an art teacher, illustrator and trapeze artist based in Istanbul. She blogs at Harika.
  • Rob Carey is an elementary school teacher living in Kandern, Germany. He enjoys using pencils to sketch, as well as watercolor with pen and ink. He blogs at kunst-by-rob
  • Roger O'Reilly is an illustrator living in Kilkenny, Ireland. blog (past correspondent)
  • Eduardo Salavisa is an illustrator and teacher based in Lisbon, Portugal. He is the author of "Diàrios de Viagem" and a curator of exhibits and workshops on sketchbooks. His web site, "Diario Grafico," is an archive dedicated to sketchbooks from the past to nowadays. He blogs at diario grafico.
  • José Louro is an architect based in Lisbon, Portugal. blog
  • João Catarino is an art teacher in Lisbon, Portugal. blog
  • Maria Lopes is a designer and a school teacher in Lisbon, Portugal. (past correspondent)
  • Pedro Cabral is an architect based in Lisbon, Portugal. blog
  • Gerard Michel is an architect and teacher at the School of Architecture in Liège, Belgium. He has been drawing for more than 40 years. flickr
  • Adebanji Alade is a painter based in London. blog
  • Barry Jackson is an artist based in London. flickr
  • James Hobbs is a freelance journalist and artist living in London. He's a former editor of Artists & Illustrators magazine whose work has been shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize. He blogs at Hobbs Blog
  • Katherine Tyrrell is an artist based in London. blog
  • Olha Pryymak is a painter based in London. blog
  • Rene Fijten is an is an architect from Maastricht, the Netherlands.
  • Luis Ruiz is an architect, lives and works in Málaga, Spain. He also teaches gardening and landscaping at the School of Architecture. Sketching is a wonderful working tool for him, as a means for understanding and explaining things, but also a source of pleasure during freetime. He shares his art at flickr
  • Fouad Dakhouch is an artist based in Madrid. blog (past correspondent)
  • Nuno Branco is an artist based in Madrid. blog (past correspondent)
  • Richard Camara is a Portuguese illustrator based in Madrid. blog
  • Toño Fernández is a firefighter and and artist based in Madrid. blog  (past correspondent)
  • Jacobo Pérez Enciso is an illustrator based in Madrid. blog (past correspondent)
  • Zhenia Vasiliev is an illustrator from Moscow. blog
  • Simo Capecchi is an Italian architect and illustrator based in Naples. Since 2006, she has curated the annual exhibit on travel sketchbooks, In viaggio col taccuino. Her sketchbooks have been included in many exibitions and collective books. She blogs at In viaggio col taccuino.
  • Matt Jones is a storyboard artist living in Nice, France. (past correspondent)
  • Guillaume Bonamy is an illustrator living in Blois, France. blog (past correspondent)
  • Martin Etienne is an architect and illustrator based in Paris. blog
  • Laura Genz is an artist based in Paris. flickr (past correspondent)
  • Joseph Lapostolle  is an stage designer, sketcher, sculptor, based in Paris and blogs at carnets de joseph and (past correspondent)
  • Caroline Johnson is an artist based near Rennes in Brittany, and in the Manchester area of North-West England. As well as keeping a regular sketchbook, she is an art tutor and shows her work in several galleries. blog
  • Benedetta Dossi is an illustrator based in Rome. blog
  • Lynne Chapman  is a children's book illustrator based in Sheffield, England. She sketches to keep the pure joy of drawing alive, so that it's not simply associated with work. blog website flickr
  • Julie Oakley is an artist based in St. Albans, UK. blog
  • Ekaterina Khozatskaya is an artist based in St. Petersburg, Russia. flickr
  • Nina Johansson is a Swedish art, design and computer graphics teacher, who spends most of her free time drawing around Stockholm. She went from doodling-on-whatever to filling sketchbooks in 2005, and now the bookshelves in her home have less and less room for novels. She blogs at
  • Flo Afflerbach is an architect based in Stuttgart, Germany. web
  • originally from Moskow and
  • Omar Jaramillo is a landscape architect actually living in Berlin. flickr
  • Luís Simões is a sketcher from Lisbon that is starting a World Sketching Tour of five years. 
  • Inma Serrano . blog 
  • is an industrial designer and illustrator from Göttingen, Germany. blog
  • Víctor Martínez (aka: Swasky) is an illustrator and a teacher based in Barcelona, Spain. blog
  • Simone Ridyard is an architect and an artist based in Manchester, UK. blog
  • Sagar Fornies is an illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. blog
  • Mario Linhares is a designer and art teacher based in Sintra, Portugal. blog
  • Gary Amaro is an artist based in Berkeley, Calif. blog
  • Fred Lynch is chair of the illustration department at Montserrat College of Art, as well as a professor at Rhode Island School of Design and lives outside of Boston. He shares his work and thoughts on,, and on  flickr
  • Laura Frankstone is an artist living in Chapel Hill, N.C. She blogs at Laurelines
  • Pete Scully is a sketchbook artist originally from North London, now living far away in Davis, California. He draws to remember the world he lives in. He sketchblogs at
  • Cathy Johnson is an artist and writer based in the Kansas City area. A lifelong sketcher, she has written and illustrated more than 30 books and was a contributing editor for Country Living, The Artist’s Magazine and Watercolor Artist. web
  • Virginia Hein  is an artist, designer and instructor based in Los Angeles.  flickr
  • Stef Kardos is an art director based in Los Angeles. blog
  • Shiho Nakaza  is an illustrator and graphic artist based in Los Angeles and a board member of the Society of Illustrators in Los Angeles (SILA). blog
  • Matthew Brehm is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Idaho. Each summer, he leads an eight-week architecture program in Rome, Italy, with an emphasis on location drawing. His sketches have won awards on two occasions at the Design Communication Association's Biannual Juried Drawing Exhibit. blog
  • Butch Belair is a photographer and digital artist based in New York.  flickr
  • Greg Betza is an illustrator based in New York City. He blogs at
  • Jason Das is a multidisciplinary artist, activist, idealist and information wrangler based in Brooklyn, New York. He blogs at gas water nothing
  • Margaret Hurst  is an artist based in New York City. blog
  • Melanie Reim is an illustrator living and working in New York City. She is a full time Illustration professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the Chairperson of the MA in Illustration program and the co-chair of the Diversity Council. Melanie is a 2006 Fulbright scholar, where she taught drawing in the Dominican Republic and documented life in the sugar cane fields and batey. She blogs at Sketchbook Seduction and, sits on the Board of Directors at the Society of Illustrators, NY, and travels the world with her sketchbook whenever she can!
  • Sharon Frost is a New York City based artist who also spends a great deal of time traveling to Spanish speaking places in pursuit of images, the language, and the sense of place. blog
  • Stephen Gardner  is an award winning illustrator born in England but has lived in New York City for the past 20 years. He posts a drawing each day to his own blog site Sketch of the Day and you can see his illustrations at He carries a sketchbook with him where ever he goes and thinks you should do the same.
  • Danny Gregory  is an artist based in New York City. blog (past correspondent)
  • Tommy Kane  is an advertising art director based in New York City. blog
  • Veronica Lawlor is a reportage artist and illustrator with Studio 1482 in New York City. She teaches drawing and illustration at Parsons the New School for Design, Pratt Institute and her own Dalvero Academy. She blogs at
  • Danielle McManus  is an illustrator and designer with A Love of Drawing and The 1104 Studio in New York City. She enjoys location drawing as well as painting and photography. She blogs at
  • Walt Taylor  is an artist based in Norfolk, Va. blog   (past correspondent)
  • Thomas Thorspecken is an illustrator and journalist working in and around Orlando, Florida. He started his blog January first of 2009 with the intent to post a sketch a day and as a way to finally put down some roots, to become part of a community one sketch at a time. He blogs at Analog Artist Digital World.
  • Kurt D. Hollomon  is an artist based in Portland, Ore. blog (past correspondent)
  • Tin Salamunic is an artist based in Richmond, Va. blog
  • Paul Heaston  is an artist and teacher based in San Antonio, Texas. He received his Master of Fine Arts from Montana State University in Bozeman, where he also completed his biggest urban sketching project to date: drawing every building on Bozeman's historic Main Street. He blogs at three letter word for art
  • Lydia Velarde  is an artist based in San Diego. blog
  • Marc Taro Holmes works as a concept artist in video games and feature films. He's based in the San Francisco area and blogs at Citizen Sketcher and SketchTaro.
  • Gabi Campanario is a Spanish journalist transplanted to the U.S. in the late 90s. He now lives with his family in Seattle and enjoys drawing for work and pleasure. He blogs at Seattle Sketcher and
  • Jerry Waese is an artist builder programmer husband and dad based in Toronto Canada. Jerry loves sketching his immediate world using pen or pen and crayon. He blogs at (past correspondent).
  • Eugene Zhilinksy is an architect and architectural illustrator based in Toronto. If he is not working on his projects and illustrations he might be caught doing his new comic book story. Traveler, husband and dad too, he believes that sketching in a sketchbook while sitting in a neighborhood cafeteria turns out as writing a traveler journal somewhere in a Caribbean Island. flickr website
  • Matthew Cencich lives in Victoria, BC, Canada and likes to travel and sketch as often as he can. He works hard with dozens of other committed people trying to produce architecture of lasting quality. flickr
  • Christian Tribastone  is an art teacher based in Washington DC. blog
  • Suhita Shirodkar  is a graphic designer based in San Jose, California. blog
  • James Richards  is a landscape architect and urban designer based in Fort Worth and the author of Freehand Drawing and Discovery. He teaches at the University of Texas at Arlington. blog
  • Shari Blaukopf  is a graphic designer based in Montreal, Canada. blog
  • Mike Daikubara is an industrial designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. blog