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August 13, 2014

My Summer Location Drawing Class at AAU, San Francisco (Pt 5: the Filbert Steps)

If you are ever planning to meet someone at the Filbert Steps, be very clear whether you mean at their bottom at Sansome Street or three vertical blocks of scenic gardens and wooden stairs higher at their other terminus atop Telegraph Hill. You might also mention that you do not mean the other end of Filbert Street, way across town, and not any other stairs either that may lead up the other side of the hill to Coit Tower. Even if you do specify, you might end up doing a bit of running around. I went up and down about three times wrangling students. The gardens, maintained by local residents, are lush and shady and the views of the Bay to the East are spectacular. Today's lesson was about composition and thumbnailing. I quickly drew a small thumbnail at the top of my page, realized I wanted a wider view, and framed accordingly.

At the top of the hill stands the 210-foot Coit Tower, built in 1933. Art deco in its styling, it is said to resemble the nozzle of an old firehose, mostly by those who have never seen one. Inside are great WPA murals depicting city life and industry, and outside, on the plaza, are viewfinders to take in the panorama of the city below. "Step up," they invite from their ringed bases. Look for the green and red "wild parrots of Telegraph Hill, "of documentary fame, flying around and landing in the trees. Next: Hyde Street Pier.


Serena Lewis said...

Wonderful sketches!

marctaro said...

Hilarious story! A wonder you got any sketching done:)

Suhita said...

Beautiful sketches, I especially like how atmospheric your capture of the vista in the distance is in sketch 1