August 8, 2014

Dr. Ph. Martin's Concentrated Watercolor on Location

I have had 3 Dr. Martin's sets for a very long time. I struggle with them every time I bring them out because it is hard for me to determine the colors while they are in the bottle. They all look so dark. I poured about 7 colors in little tiny containers and I tried them on location when I went out with the San Diego Urban Sketchers. Luckily there was a lot of white in my subject so I didn't have to do too much painting with them. The type of paper has a major effect on the outcome. I used an old cheap water color paper that really soaked up the paint.

Heritage Park, San Marcos, California


Róisín Curé said...

I really like that, lovely fresh feel. It makes me want to try again - I always find the colours too intense but I just need to do better. Thank you for the post.

Lydia Velarde said...

Oh! Thank you for your feedback Roisin, I guess I am not alone.

Elizabeth Alley said...

I put the colors into Pentel Aquash water brush pens - it's a little easier to see the individual colors, and they are nice to have on hand for a wash of one color.