August 14, 2014

Costa Rica, Part 2 of 4

Part 2 of my Costa Rican adventure was a stay at the town of La Fortuna, near Arenal Volcano National Park. Arenal Volcano is a perfectly shaped cinder cone, but you have to be lucky to see it. Of the 4 days we spent staying right by the volcano, there was one day when the clouds disappeared for about 20 minutes and saw the whole volcano. This is a quick sketch at the end of a hike up a lava flow. Volcano Arenal is currently considered to be ‘resting’ between active phases. But in a land as young as Costa Rica, you never know when a volcano will get active again.

Everywhere in Costa Rica, the rain played a big part in my sketches. Mostly it poured so much, I just couldn't sketch. And even when I thought I could sneak in a quick little sketch, all it took was a quick cloudburst and a thundershower -seemingly out of nowhere- to shape my sketches in ways I didn't imagine.
Here are a few rain-shaped pieces.
A barnyard where we milked the cows one morning.

My rain-splattered capture of a fruit stand:

And best of all, my pretty ridiculous attempt at trying to sketch a waterfall, while standing under it, in the pouring rain. Yes, that's me on the left. The image in the center is as far as I ever got with my sketch. The one on the right? That's what remains of it in my sketchbook now.

I sketched these two guys at a coffee plantation. They were playing checkers using colored bottle caps.
And this is my favorite fruit from Costa Rica: The mamón chino. A threatening looking red, spiny fruit that is Asian in origin.

More sketches from Arenal on my blog here. And part 3, in the Cloud Forests of Monteverde, coming soon.


Isabelle Laliberté said...

I always love your use of colour Suhita, such an inspiration. I also love that you tried to draw that waterfall - you'll always remember it when you look at that page now!

memi said...

Suhita, these journals are so delightful! Between the rain, and still having a vacation with your family, so impressive that you managed so much drawing!

Khairulsani Ismail said...

mamon chino is call ' rambu-tan ' in Malaysia.

Suhita said...

Isabella, that is true. Thank you Melanie, my family is either really good about my sketching around them, or totally resigned to it :) Khairulsani, yes, this is the very same fruit. In fact, the 'chino' (meaning, from China) part of it's name refers to it's Asian origin.