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August 17, 2014

Back to sketching basics: ink and wash

For many reasons, partly because it's my nature, partly because I see the great work other urban sketchers do, I'm always trying new media... new pens, new inks, new paints, new pencils, new paper. For someone who's been sketching as long as I have, it keeps me interested and excited about what we do.

For a recent illustration assignment in which I had to make urban sketches of a revitalized neighborhood in Raleigh, NC for Walter Magazine, though, I went back to the old tried and true, ink and watercolor wash.

I have more control with this method than I care about having when I'm trying new stuff. That really matters when you're working against a deadline. Plus, on the three days I went to Raleigh to draw, the temperatures were in the 90s. For the outdoor sketches, especially, I wanted to draw efficiently and get the job done! I added watercolor washes when I got home.

The neighborhood I sketched was interesting... the new businesses there are lively and exciting, yet, overall, there was a quiet ambience on the days I was there.

It spoke of the South and it spoke of summertime.


å my god! said...

I love this technique! and you are so adept at it. My favorite part is the way the negative spaces pop in the gaps between the lines and the wash, so rewarding for the eye!

å my god! said...
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Laureline said...

Thank you å my god! It's fun to see what others notice about your work!

Don McNulty said...

As always I admire your sketches/art, bright,fresh, colourful, love it.

Laureline said...

Thank you so much, Don. Those are qualities that apply to your work, too!

memi said...

You were the perfect artist for this assignment! So great to see your work appreciated in this way~

Laureline said...

Thank you very much, Melanie. I have another, similar assignment coming up this fall.