July 3, 2014

"When you feel tired, please take some rest for a while."

12 x 19 cm

Yesterday I walked along the Segeomjeong street. A strong orange colored bench caught my eye contrasted with blue stairs and supporting pole. I touched it and was surprised at the creative idea of using cement blocks. And a sentence was written on the window: "When you feel tired, please take some rest for a while." I began to sketch it. A middle aged woman came to see what I was doing. She said that it was her daughter's flower shop (Flos) opened a month ago and asked me to see inside. She told me that the bench was made by her husband for her daughter. After I finished the drawing I went in and heard that the flowers were treated by special method in Japan, which would keep the same figure for two or three years without being withered. She imports, designs and sell them as present goods. When I was in the shop a young lady was buying some gift sets. I hoped her business to go well.


Marina Grechanik said...

Little nice story - loved it!

bh yoo said...

Thank you Marina! I'm glad to share neighbor's small growing business.