July 10, 2014

Visiting the Statue of Liberty from New Jersey

Did you know that you could take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty island from New Jersey?
I didn't know this until visiting my father last weekend.

This 1st sketch was done from my fathers apartment balcony looking across the Hudson river to the upper west side of Manhattan. The storm had just cleared and the blue sky was just starting to appear. 

The next day we headed to go see the Statue of liberty since we found out there was a ferry from the New Jersey side going to the Liberty islands. This made it much more convenient than having to go into Manhattan with lots of traffic and people. The last time I remember going to the Liberty island was for a school trip over 35 years ago! - so this was quite exciting to be able to see it again and it was also my wife's first time to the islands too.

Going through security, we hopped on the ferry that consisted of 2 stops. The first stop was Ellis Island - a gateway for millions of immigrants that came into the United States and was considered to be the nation's busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1954. 
The building shown is now the museum of immigration. The displays inside looked amazing but unfortunately could not see any of it due to the limited time we had. We however ended up on the island for an hour waiting on line for the ferry to go to the Statue of Liberty Island. Standing in line under scorching sun and in between large amounts of people was unpleasant but I was able to keep my self entertained working on the sketch shown below.

Once on the Liberty Island we needed to go through another security checkpoint to go up to the observation deck area and not even a small bag was allowed through. These are the times when I feel good that all of my sketching equipment fits inside my cargo shorts pockets including my newly purchased mini folding stool a size of a small water bottle!
The problem with sketching anything this iconic such as the Statue of Liberty is the difficulty in finding a fun view that I haven't already seen before. I finally settled on this view, sitting quite close to the statue base and also fitting in the Manhattan skyscrapers on the right hand side. The tall blue building is One World Trade center, also used to be called the Freedom Tower.
It was a tough view and I wish I had time to do another one but we needed to head back home.


Well, once again we were in line a long time for the Ferry back to NJ.  I at least was able to once again sketch while standing in a tight queue keeping myself entertained. I personally love how the back view of the Statue of Liberty came out!
It was a gorgeous 4th of July weekend and we headed back home to Boston. 


nelson paciencia said...

Great great drawings Mike! I was in those same places in 2005, unfortunately I was not a urbansketcher at the time. Looking into your drawings, I turn back in time and I remembered my visit to New York. I can remember lots of things, the people around me, the weather, the image of the tousands of bags in Ellis Island museum, the line to get the tickets, etc etc. That´s the beautiful power of the drawings. Their memories.
I really need to go again to New York...

miked said...

wow Nelson, thanks for your comments! It feels really good knowing that my sketches were able to trigger your good memories. I think that's the most I could ask for out of my sketches!

Zoe, ontheroad said...

Love the work, Mike. Makes me miss the City, but then you provided a front seat.

MiataGrrl said...

Truly awesome sketches, Mike. I especially love the one of foreshortened Lady Liberty looking kind of..."chubby." ;-)

- Tina

teru said...

Wonderful drawings! What is this stool that you mentioned? I'm always looking for small and compact items for my sketch kit.

miked said...

Zoe - That's a beautiful comment, Thank you!

Tina - Thanks! Actually she came out a little bit more chubbier than real life :) oh well, it was fun though.

Teru - The mini stool is made by a company called 'DOPPELGANGER OUTDOOR' and my in-laws in Japan bought it and sent it to me. I love it! With a little search, I did find it here so you might have luck having it shipped over from Japan:

DOPPELGANGER OUTDOOR Stool sold at Amazon Japan

Veronica Lawlor said...

Hi Mike, it's always a treat for me to see someone else's interpretation of New York. Ellis Island is a beautiful building, one of my favorites, and I love the way you handled it. Those long Statue of Liberty lines are a killer! ;)