July 27, 2014

Sketch done while less equipped

I sketched Ginza street, one of the most prestigious area in Tokyo. I brought better and bigger paper for watercolor and an easel too. Then I noticed I forgot to bring some of my favorite brushes and palette for larger piece. Well, I needed to do with my usual small sketch tool then. Luckily I had a few Pentel waterbrushes and a custom made small palette in my bag.


Ginza Chuo street

I did this straight to watercolor manner. It took me just an hour, same period of time I will give demonstration in Paraty. Here this is some tips I wrote on the 5th Urban Sketching Symposium blog. Enjoy.
Greetings from Japan


matthew_c said...

Nice sketch Kumi. I tried to place the city before reading who authored the post and I thought that it might be Montreal in the photo, but Tokyo it is. You are a brave to get right out into the street like that.

kumi matsukawa said...

Thank you! So Montreal has a similar look like this? This is a business and commercial district as well as tourist destination, you can enjoy various form of indulgence. For me, enjoyed the moment sat on the stool, kept drawing, and occasional conversation with passers by.