July 28, 2014

Praying for peace

A house for 3 Religions:

In Berlin at the site, where once stand the Petri Church, a house for 3 religions will be built. Christians, Jews and Muslims will share a space. In the frame of this interreligious dialog project representatives of this 3 religions met last Sunday under the shadow of a tree at the Petri Square to pray for peace in Israel & Palestine. Other religions groups like the Sikhs, Bahai & Sufis joined. It was also a nice gesture to remember the suffering of people in other conflict areas like Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Mali, Ukraine, etc.


Marina Grechanik said...

Nice sketches, Omar, and nice initiative - that's how it should be! Hope so much that one day we'll succeed to make peace at our land.

Serena Lewis said...

A lovely sketch and a great sketch topic. I hope that it helps to spread the peace even further.

matthew_c said...

I wish the house ongoing success.

omar said...

Thanks, Here is a link where you could learn more about the project: