July 11, 2014

My Summer Location Drawing Class at AAU, San Francisco (Part 1: Powell Street)

This summer I am excited to be teaching Location Drawing and Painting for Academy of Art University, San Francisco. My students and I will be sketching and painting at points of interest all over town and even in the East Bay. Everyone starts with a brand new sketchbook and will fill at least 100 pages with observational drawings and sketch reporting by the time the class finishes in seven and a half weeks. I will be posting mine here. For our first day, we discussed perspective and then drew up and down Powell Street (where the Illustration Department is headquartered) and in nearby Union Square. The top piece here is the view looking up Powell St. from in front of the Westin St. Francis Hotel where they fly a different international flag each day and also apparently don't like people to sit on the sidewalk and sketch. I was asked twice to move, once by a police officer who was quite nice and understanding and reminded me that there is a law against sitting on the sidewalk, but said I would be ok as long as my bag was not in the way of traffic, and next by a guy from the hotel who was not quite as easy-going about it. More soon! Next: Yerba Buena Gardens.


miked said...

These are great Gary!
I've been going to AAU for my masters in Graphics Design for the past 7 years - been real slow in taking the classes but it's been fun.
If I lived in San Francisco, I would definitely sign up for your class!

Murray Dewhurst said...

Nice stuff. Clearly those over officious officials have too much time on their hands though!

kumi matsukawa said...

It'll be great to have your 100 pages sketch boot camp! They'll got real muscle for sketching and joy of location drawing. To be asked to move while you are in action is always let down but you did great looking up drawing.