July 11, 2014

Jonathan Edwards sketch tour

Urban sketching has really become a way of life for me the past several years, and it's fun when I can generate a little interest in the "sport" here and there. Last week I was invited to a local television station here in Fresno, where I was able to talk about the process, and the next day was able to show my sketches for the first time at the Fresno Art Hop, where hundreds of locals came through. Many people showed great interest, and I was very happy to share how it works. The following morning I flew to Hartford, Connecticut, where I met up with my father-in-law, who loves to self-publish books from a psychologist's perspective. His books are usually geared for those who are looking to live productive, healthy, happy lives. His project this time is producing a practical book about the life of Jonathan Edwards, an early American intellectual, philosopher, and theologian who has had a powerful impact on American religion, education and culture. My father-in-law was attracted to Edwards even more because of the astounding progeny that followed his life; an unbelievable number of lawyers, educators, college presidents, public office holders, missionaries, senators, clergymen, and a vice-president. His goal was to head into the land of Jonathan Edwards, see where he was born, raised, where he preached, traveled, and died. My job was to illustrate his book with urban sketches, so this video gives a glimpse into our 4 or 5 days together, and a few of the sketches I came up with from that beautiful part of the country.


Mike Dodds said...

I've just watched the video, it seems to me that you have a very healthy relationship with your father in law to be able to spend "quality time" working along side him like this.
Congratulations not only for the trip and time shared but for contributing toward something he has a pleasure in doing.
Your artwork in this is a complete balance to the seeming gentle and philosophical nature that is being shown in the video, Thank You for sharing this work.

RobCarey said...

Thanks, Mike. Yes, we have a very close family, all the way around actually. Each of us is a bit eccentric, I suppose, in our own ways, but I imagine this helps us overlook each others faults. :)

Chezlindy said...

Wonderful drawings and so in harmony with the locations and the spirit of the subject. I would love to know the names of the drawing pens that you use. Do you sketch in pencil first or go straight to ink?

rob carey said...

thanks Chezlindy- I always sketch in pencil first- it's my crutch. Otherwise my sketches are rubbish! The pen I use now is called a Pentel Hybrid Technica. It works pretty well on watercolor paper.