July 10, 2014

Discoveries Monument, Lisbon

In the years 40 of the past century, we have the Portuguese world expo here in Lisbon. Portugal, then, was an empire from Minho (the most northern region of the Portuguese national territory) to Timor (East Timor was one of our, so called, overseas province). If the expo leads to anything, was to give work to our architects. One of the sculptural pieces built was this stylized caravel flanked by figures of our history. Initially made of plaster, turned out to be later made into concrete, remaining as a reminder of those glory days. These two drawings of that monument, apparently so different, were made at the same day and at the same time.
Like the statue, the drawings do not tell the truth as it is, or was.


nelson paciencia said...

Your drawings are always sublime!
Uns desenhaços, claro está.

Basilio said...

Es un dibujo estupendo. Como en un poema su sencillez de la expresión revela la esencia de la forma.

Marina Grechanik said...