July 8, 2014

building cut for the inner ring road

inner ring road over Yujin shopping center, building B, pen, A 4

back scenery of Yujin shopping store (building A), Hongje-dong
pencil, 18 x 24.5 cm

The lower over-passing way under the inner ring road was removed on January 2012. 
I tried to capture the feature of it before demolition. Villagers felt sorry about the removal because the bridge was accustomed to their lives for years.
25 x 35.5 cm

a female merchant selling vegetable, seen through the window of Mcdonalds,
Honeje-dong branch. 
Around the shopping center there are lots of small merchants selling vegetable, fruits, clothes, and etc. pen and watercolor, 13 x 18 cm

I sketched this one at the Hongje junction where the inner ring road passes over Yujin shopping store. The shopping store of 5th stories was built over Hongje stream after covering the water flow as a complex building for residential and commercial purposes on 1970. It's said that the building was built very strongly to be used as a blockade when the tanks from north rush into the center of Seoul and the height of the first floor was taken into consideration of the parking turrets. The building was used for apartments and shopping area near to 40 years.On 1994 the inner ring road had to pass over the building, so 4th and 4th stories of the building (B) was cut. And the over-passing way built on 1977 was removed on 2012 for the better traffic flowing,
which I had sketched before the remolishtion.
Seoul city has a new plan to recover the Hongje stream which has been occupied by the building for environmental purpose and to build a 48th story high-rise complex building on 2015. But the real estate agents prospect that the remained lifetime of the Yujin shopping center depends on the profit of the investment. 
Various purposes from government, business, or private form the feature of urban cities. When the purposes are filled and become nuisances with no use they are to fade away for the better. C'est la vie!


Cathy Gatland said...

These scenes look very similar to parts of Johannesburg (we have no boats though:)Lively sketches!

bh yoo said...

Thank you Cathy!
Hope to go to Johannesburg some day. :)