July 2, 2014

Two weeks in Tasmania: Historic architecture, dramatic hills, big skies and lots of good food!

Last month I had just over two weeks in Tasmania - a full schedule of work and pleasure including running a few sketching workshops and hosting two USK events in Hobart and Launceston (looking forward to USK groups forming in both of those towns) Although I had numerous commitments I still managed to sketch a lot - in my usual style. Filling up 2 x A4 watercolour moleskine books during my trip. Here is the two books combined into one. If you can't see this - follow the link here

You can also see the full set on flickr.

Here are just a few of my sketches:

Lovely soup and earl grey tea at one of many hip cafes throughout Hobart (just for the record I sketched my soups than cake this trip!) and then a quick loose sketch of Salamanca Square - perhaps the most iconic building in the city. Tasmania is a significantly colder than Sydney so a lot of my sketches were rushed due to my freezing hands - I now have a new appreciation of what many of my fellow USKers face during their winter months!

There are a number of historic towns scattered throughout the island that are full of lovely Georgian architecture - Richmond is one of the most well known. This is a view of the main street.

I really wanted to get out into some wilderness and do a 'bushwalk' (Australian for 'hike') but it was just to hard to fit into my schedule… but at least I got a little dose of mountain sketching. Quamby Bluff and the magnificent Mt Roland.

Despite my 5 previous visits to Tassie I have never been to Launceston. I fell in love with the place! There are so many highly sketchable Victorian majestic buildings such as Albert Hall. This is another crazy quick sketch because it was cold and the light was fading fast.

I had such an amazing time and hope to be able to go back again during the summer season so I can do more sketching, a bit of bushwalking and track down a few more of those impressive places to eat!

BTW there has been a change to the paper in the moleskine watercolour books- I used a new book for the first week and an old book for the second and have just done an extensive review- check it out on my blog if you are interested.


Orn B Jonsson said...

You are absolutely incredible in your activity and creation. Wonderful sketchbook! Thank you!

VHein said...

Great sketches as always, Liz! I checked out the review on your blog--thank you so much for all that experimentation and report--so helpful!

gabi campanario said...

Beautiful sketches and commentary, Liz! All I know about Tasmania I just learned it from you here. I especially appreciated the note about what "bushwalk" means. :)

Liz Steel said...

thank you Om, Virgina and Gabi.
We do actually use the term hike too (hike is normally for a more serious bush walk!)