June 10, 2014

Wintry Day in the City

by Cathy Gatland in Johannesburg, South Africa

Was it something in the Zeitgeist that had me sketching with a water soluble fountain pen and watercolours on Friday, just before Marc Holmes did a post about this technique? My results very much messier than his, I used a Pilot disposable V-pen, trying to challenge myself out of a bit of a sketching slump. I do enjoy the slight unpredictability of what happens with the ink and colour - but maybe too random and slapdash here, I will apply more discipline next time, having seen his sketches!

It turned out to be a freezing cold day that three of us had arranged to go sketching in town, so our viewpoints were dictated by where we could find a spot in the sun and out of the icy wind - one looking over the parking lot of SciBono Discovery Centre over a cup of coffee at a restaurant, the other outside the entrance where high school students gathered after their tour. Some were very interested to see what we were doing, and keen to be in the next sketch. I didn't realise until I saw the photo that the conga line of small children was trooping past behind me, I would love to have drawn them too!

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Murray Dewhurst said...

I like these too, I must have another go with the non permanent pen