June 12, 2014

Urban Sketchers Yorkshire Hit Buxton - Part 2

After lunch, the rain slowed down and eventually stopped. I got to draw outside at last - hurrah! There is an extraordinarily wide dome in the centre of Buxton, part of the university. It's kind of low-slung though, so hard to get a view of. I had to wedge myself up against the grit bin in the corner of the car park, balancing on a box, to get this vantage point:

We had a great sharing session in the upstairs room of the Old Clubhouse pub.

I so love the fun of rooting through everyone's sketchbooks. I'm really proud too of how generous and friendly our group is with advice for one another. People share sketching tips and try out each other's art equipment and generally have a good old natter.

My final sketch of the day, finally in sunshine, was done sitting on the wall outside the pub, waiting for my lift, after everyone else had gone. I didn't quite get it finished in time, but near enough:


Jim Bumgarner said...

Cool watercolors on that last one, Lynne. Love it.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks Jim. Experimenting, as ever :-)