June 30, 2014

Soccer in Whitetrash

Whitetrash is one of this Berlin places that are quite an institution. Although the restaurant recently changed location, it has managed to keep his personality. Close to the river Spree, built with recycled materials in a place that used to be an industrial area.
The gate of the garden, flanked by two chinese dragons statues, is made with an old bus like those from nuclear post apocalyptic movies, 
First Carl picked up a few beers. I met him a few weeks ago in an Art market. He is from Santa Fe, USA. make very interesting art pieces. We were watching the game Germany-USA.
Berlin is a nice spot to meet interesting people around the world. At the end of the game and a few more beers we practically knew everybody around us.

For the people that think that drink and draw is something to follow, I have to mention that next day I had a huge headache! (That was one beer to much!)


Maike Bohlen said...

I am deeply impressed how much your sketching skills have improved over the months.

Rolf Schröter said...

the bad news (detected by experience) about the 'beer to much border' is, you can extend it by practice, but somehow always trespass it on every trial....

beautiful sketches anyway (worth the headache)

omar said...

Thanks Maike,

Hey Rolf, hehehe, you are right!