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June 9, 2014

Scenery with water and flower at suburban cities, Paju and Gapyeong

kids playing in water at Gyeonggi province, Gapyeong, Sinsang-ri, 
pencil, watercolor, 45.5 x 31 cm

There are tents along the stream with fine scenery.

beautiful flower and drying mushroom in baskets at the restaurant in Paju, Majang-ri, (Gyeonggi province)

I drew the awning between the restaurant and the neighbor's house.
pencil, watercolor, 38.5 x 26 cm

These days I join the Korean Outdoor Watercolor Artists' Group's outtings which I've been painting near to 20 years. After concentrating in urban sketching I was not passionate as before. But the rural scenery heals tired body and spirit always. Participating in outdoor painting I found that the overall shapes including newly built houses, restaurant, churches changed in modern style. Though the stream or mountains are same the surrounding scene looked newer anyhow. I try to capture the changed features of the countryside if possible. Talks with the people while drawing helps me to understand how they think and live in local cities. Owner or workers of the houses or restaurants like to see their houses drawn by artists. 


Cathy Gatland said...

Your brushstrokes give a playful, summery feel to these sketches - lifts my tired spirits too! :)

bh yoo said...

Thank you Cathy! Nature may heal us more than anything else.