June 16, 2014

Last cuban holidays. Commuting in Pilon area.

There were 2 horsemen at the Marea - Chicho and Tony. Chicho was in charge of horse rides and Tony - carriage races. 


I got a flue and they suggest me to use Cuban natural cure - rum with fresh lemon juice to get rid of cough. Tony, Chicho!, - I said, - it doesn't work for me anymore. I do it all the time.

It was our taxi cab. We succeeded to have a ride this time. Recently I was wondered how Cubans going to fix all their antique cars with their new monetary unification ?

 This sketch was done under the mangrove tree during sunny afternoon on a beach of little island Caio Blanco. So little that you can't find it out on your regular tourist map. We arrived there by boat. A bigger one than you can see here.


kumi matsukawa said...

So lovely! Feel as if I'm under the tree too. And I want to try Cuban remedy next time :-)

Cathy Gatland said...

Love the feeling of shimmering heat in these - I want to go there!

Veronica Lawlor said...


Eugene said...

Thank you. Cuban environment and all their surroundings worth to sketch and document.I'm glad we were able to see it's beauty now.