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June 30, 2014

How long do you stay in a coffee shop?

My friend and I were planning to have lunch in a Mexican restaurant in Tokyo that day and I arrived there more than thirty minutes early. So I went to a coffee shop ( I had guava juice)and killed time by drawing this. I was able to include a guy sat in front me reading a magazine and smoking cigarette in the drawing. When I left the shop, he was still there. He had more time/ reason to continue coffee break.

in the coffee shop


Mike Dodds said...

It seems like a "Tradition" that Urban Sketchers spend a lot of time in Coffee Shops. It seems that I'm really traditional as well because I spend most of each Monday morning in a coffee shop where I live.
Oh and that's a really nice clean sketch.

Laureline said...

Beautifully drawn, Kumi! All of the different textures you've rendered add a lot of interest.

kumi matsukawa said...

Mike - Coffee shops are really indispensable part of our daily life :-) Especially when you need to chill out, have extra time or need to go to washing room...

Laureline - Thank you!