May 4, 2014

Sketching Fanciful Creations

Pop culture and entertainment is a huge industry here in Los Angeles. I spent a day immersed in fanciful creations.

First stop was at Downtown Disney for 43rd Worldwide Sketchcrawl. This colorful Lego store with an amazing dragon made of Legos caught my eye. This sketch was drawn on location and colored later at home.
Shiho Nakaza sketchcrawl watercolor "Los Angeles" sketching

Next stop was at Anaheim Convention Center nearby, where WonderCon was taking place. This convention that celebrates popular arts attracts a lot of people in costumes. The costumes the people wear get more innovative each year (and obscure, as my pop culture knowledge fades away). This is a compilation of many little sketches I did over a few pages. People who were dressed up were enjoying themselves: resting, eating, chatting and some of them started jump-roping. One of the reasons I enjoy sketching is being able to observe and record people doing activities in everyday life, in whatever costumes they choose to wear - we are all actors in this stage called life!

Shiho Nakaza "Los Angeles" WonderCon Anaheim costume sketching watercolor pen


kumi matsukawa said...

Great series of people in their costumes! Weren't there any sketcher in costume?

Shiho Nakaza said...

Thank you! I do know artist friends who like to wear costumes, but I've never seen them sketch while wearing a costume...hmmm....Maybe because drawing in public can be attention-getting already, no costumes needed!