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May 6, 2014

Marche des Haratines

Marché Marrocain

Mohamed Ali 

Grievers and journalists
On the 29th of April the haratines, black moors descendent of ancien tributaires or slaves came out in the streets to celebrate a year of the publication of a manifest for their political, economical and social rights. With slavery still happening in remote areas and poverty striking most of its members (learn more here, article in french ) they really need that their difficulties are dealt with.
The demonstration was a success even if two of the great leaders of the Haratine movement refused to participate. The atmosphere was festive and people were enjoying that they had the freedom to walk and talk about their cases.
Mosqué Ibn Abass
Tabarina journaliste
The demonstration ended by the square where the first "grande mosquée" of Nouakchott is Mosquée Ibn Abass. Speeches were delivered and then everyone left quietly home.


JJG said...

Bien joué, bien dessiné! J'adore l'indicateur que tu as croqué.

nelson paciencia said...

Adoro os teus desenhos, e o ar propositadamente jornalístico das páginas.

Pedro said...

Uma excelente reportagem!

Murray Dewhurst said...
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Murray Dewhurst said...

Great post!

Mike Dodds said...

Excellent reportage on another subject hidden from the 'mainstream' of world news.

Mário Linhares said...

Excelente post!
Saudades Isabel...


Cathy Gatland said...

Wonderful on-the-spot sketches and story Isabel

Rolf Schröter said...

yes, beautiful and well told