May 4, 2014


One of the reasons why I travel much is that my family is spread around the world. My mother lives in Canada and my brother in Denmark. This year we decided to meet in Mallorca, where my brother usually spend holidays.

The construction of the new Berlin airport has been quite an embarrassing story for the city administration. It should have been finished 2 years ago and until now nobody has an idea when it is going to be ready. The small Berlin Schönefeld Airport and the Tegel Airport are just too small for all the current air-traffic that was programmed for the new one.

Palma is a beautiful city and the cathedral is one of the most amazing views you can expect to draw. How you draw such an intimidating scene? I started with a pen drawing the skyline and then painted the shadows and the rest with watercolor. Too many lines could ruin my drawing and I prefer to left the pen lines just on the building that is the visual center of my drawing

The queen was coming to a concert at the cathedral and the area was full with policemen.

In the Plaza Mayor a group of capoeira dancers were performing in front of the many tourists. Since I my last travel to Brazil many years ago I paint capoeira dancers always in monochromatic washes. I am so looking forward to the next Paraty Symposium to be able to paint more.