May 5, 2014

KK in Bangkok

Architects '14 is a yearly expo on architecture, building and development industry as well as showcase, trade fair, discussion and seminars, all kind of architectural goodies rolled into one. It's organised by the Siamese Architects Association (ASA) around the same time each year (29 Apr to 4 May for this year) and covers a huge space at one of a major convention centre, Impact, Muangtong Thani in Bangkok.
For the second year now that ASA incorporates SKETCHING, as one of its drive to promote and encourage hand-drawn activity to both public and architectural fields. Bangkok Sketchers and I, as USk's Bangkok correspondant, took the pleasure in being part of the event and in making it happen.


This year of ASA Sketching event was very special in having the USk's Penang correstpondant, Ch'ng Kiah Kiean, to lead a very lively sketching activity for two afternoons featuring his signature wooden sticks drawing and demonstration, a short presentation on how he brought his drawing technique to USk and world attention and the high-light Sketch Battle, a sketching duel with a Thai architect/sketcher (not me though:-) on the 2.5x5 meter board. The Sketch Battle was so successful, inspiring and fun that it ended up as a free-for-all sketching wall for a big group of young children.

Thank you KK for being with us in Bangkok and we look forwards to having more such opportunity with other great sketchers in future.


Kerry Niemann said...

Really cool that the Society incorporated sketchers. KK's art is amazing (and I did not know it was a wooden sticks technique!). The art battle looks extremely fun. How do you go about it? Love the "melty" drawing of the speaker (blind contour).

Asnee said...

thank you, Kerry for your comments
KK's been using wooden stick for quite sometime ago and now his signature tools
Sketch Battle was just a fun open sketching session by KK and another person on 2.5x5 meter of any subject from memory. Public cheered and enjoyed the sketches that slowly materialised before their eyes with the final resultant images by both sketchers in large size, that was really interesting but what impressed me most was the way a group of children took to the board and painted their own works, some imitating the original sketch and some were totally different and surprising..