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May 14, 2014

Italy by bus and train

Just got back from a short trip to Italy, visiting Rome, Perugia, Assisi and Siena. All our travelling was done by bus or train. I like to draw while moving. You just have amoment to catch a glimpse and record something with very simple strokes. Luckily, I can use an implemet in each hand, for example different colours, ot line and brush. Here's some of the journey drawings (you can see how they relate to my UK journey drawings on my website

The hill towns and vineyards of Umbria and Tuscany, punctuated by tall thin Italian Cypress trees, make this a very distinctive landscape.

 Sometimes I use a couple of brushpens wiuth different inks in them.
Sometimes it has to be the simplest of marks.



Vicky said...

We recently returned from there, too, but I found it impossible to draw anything other than the horizon line from the train. These are very nice, as are the drawings on your website. I love being reminded of the beautiful landscape and architecture of Italy.

Minerva said...

I love the choice of colours and the minimalist expression of your drawings, just like glimpses through the window.

Marina Grechanik said...

really beautiful and minimalistic!

Liz Steel said...

really love these barry!!! So minimal but stunningly beautiful!

Rosário said...

Acho tão bonitos estes desenhos!

Lisa H said...

simple, suggestive, perfect.

VHein said...

Really wonderful drawings--catching what's essential with such elegantly simple marks...and 2-handed travel sketching is a brilliant idea!

Barbara Grünenfelder said...

I love the simplicity too, with so much athmosphere in it! cool idea, 2-hand sketching. I'll try that too!

marctaro said...

Just to agree with everyone - tremendous how much you can convey with so few marks. Really fascinating.