April 24, 2014

Sketching in Sarona

Few days ago we passed through Sarona - recently renovated a 140-year-old Templer colony in the heart of modern Tel Aviv. The original colonist's houses turned into a part of contemporary lifestyle center, with shops, restaurants, playgrounds for children and a lot of green spaces. So nice to see such a successful project of reserving the past and combining it in the modern life! And it's obviously very good place for sketching!
picnics on the grass
playground - keeps children busy 
For sure place to come back and sketch more!


bh yoo said...

Love your lively sketches. They carry the feelings of the place. I could feel shadow on playground by your simple blue strokes.

Marina Grechanik said...

Thanks a lot, Yoo!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Wonderful as ever. Your work is bursting with life!

Marina Grechanik said...

thank you dear Lynee!