April 8, 2014

l'hôtel de ville de paris

a long time I haven't passed by here, I was sketching in cuba for a coming book, far from any internet connection…

on my way back, I stopped by paris, a few days after the municipal elections that elected anne hidalgo, a spanish born and first woman mayor of paris. here is an homage to the new tenant of the paris city hall (the spanish flag and spanish words on the façade are an invention of mine).
hôtel de ville de paris
 blogged by lapin


Murray Dewhurst said...

That is one spectacular building!

Cathy Gatland said...

Fantastic, a wonderful homage to the new mayor. Cuba must have been amazing for you to draw - all those old cars!

lapin said...

murray: it's even bigger than what I manage to fit in the page.

cathy: cuba is very inspiring, I will have to go back there!