April 7, 2014

interior sketches in figure drawing class

I captured this scene from the second floor.

The room has second floor on two sides of wall, by which we can take various views in different level. 

corner where models change their clothes

resting model 

I'm doing figure drawing held in the building of URIMANA(located at Habjeong-dong, Seoul) since last year. The session is going with five intervals of 20 minutes' posing and 10 minutes' resting time during two and a half hours once a week. I like to draw each piece every interval not continuing the same paper work. In the resting time I like to draw the interior scene more than the models, including the room scene, artists, and the skeleton standing in the corner of the room. Usually I use papers from A 4 to B 4 size drawing with chalks, charcoal, conte, paper, pen, and watercolors. 


Murray Dewhurst said...

You've done a great job of capturing the class and atmosphere, not just the models! Is that a model who held their pose too long at the bottom? :)

bh yoo said...

Thank you! I captured the model when she took rest for 10 minutes. Of course she did not pose for me moving instantly. I think it was a rare chance to have such result though I kept drawing models and all in room. To tell the truth I like to draw unexpected poses of people rather than the fixed poses of models.