April 16, 2014

Crystal shore

Two days ago I was looking for a good location to sketch the cracking ice on Lac St. Louis but when I got down to the shore, to my great disappointment, it was all gone. Today a friend emailed me a few photos of where the ice had ended up, so I made my way there this afternoon. I don't know if this happens every year or if this was a freak occurrence, but for a good distance the ice was piled up along the waterfront in Dorval and people were gathering to take photos or just to gawk. With some of the chunks at least a foot thick and four feet across, I can only imagine what the sound must have been when this happened. I found a bench to set up on because there was no place close by to park and sketch from the shelter of my car, but with the wind blowing icy gusts on my palette (and my face) I had to pack up after about 30 minutes and finish the last details in the warmth of my house. I have never sketched outdoors in a colder situation than this, but I have also never sketched a scene as brilliantly gorgeous as this either. 


bh yoo said...

Beautiful watercolor with shining crystal.

Nina Johansson said...

Wow, I love it, Shari. Ice is a fantastic phenomenon. Where I grew up you could hear the ice on the Bay of Bothnia singing in the spring when it began to crack. A very strange but beautiful sound.

matthew_c said...

Wow, you are a true Canadian, braving the bitter wintry elements to capture your brilliant picture.
I have become wimpy and can't sketch in the cold anymore.
I'm glad you captured this as I do not see any winter ice anymore and even where I grew up it wasn't as spectacular as this.
What a picture!

lowela said...

You are a brave person especially with the winter you've had up North. I live in the South (U.S.) and thought we were cold this year. Beautiful inspiring work!

VHein said...

A bit surreal, isn't--and certainly very lovely--Wonderful that you braved the elements to capture this!

Shari Blaukopf said...

Veronica, this was definitely surreal! A magical event that had to be captured in the sketchbook.
Thanks Iowela. I had to brave the cold for this!
Matthew, I am a true Canadian. This was such an amazing sight that the cold didn't deter me, although I too am wimpier than I used to be. Nina, that singing ice must have been very eerie. All I heard was a bit of cracking but it must have been something when it started to pile up on the grass in people's backyards! BH Yoo, thanks!