February 17, 2014

sketches around Hyhill Outlet at Gasan Digital Complex, Seoul

Last Saturday, I visited Hyhill Outlet at Gasan Digital Complex with Seoul urban sketchers for February sketch meeting. Gasan Digital Complex Fashion Outlets including Hyhill Outlet can be accessed from Gasan Digital Complex Station, and all the numbers of outlets are within walking distance. There are lots of buildings including industrial facilities and some outlets of various styles around the station. Hyhill Outlet is a premium outlet and a one-stop shopping complex for families. Famous brands are sold at discounted prices year round, so visitors can purchase quality goods at the lowest prices. In addition to fashion stores, the outlet mall features various convenience, cineplex and dining facilities for enhanced shopping experience. Lots of colorful buildings and bustling mall gave us unlimited subjects of sketches. 
I sketched in and outside the attractive Hyhill Outlet building excitingly all day long.

Hyhill Outlet building, pen and watercolor

other buildings across from the Hyhill Outlet, pen and watercolor

scenery inside the mall on the 2nd floor, pen and watercolor

scenery inside the mall viewed from the 8th floor lounge, pen and watercolor 

customers on the escalator, pen and watercolor

mannequins at a clothing store, pen and watercolor

buildings near Gasan Digital Complex Station, pen and watercolor

background scenery viewed from roof garden on the 7th floor, pen
( 21 x29.6cm sketchbook )


Fred Lynch said...

Great energy of the city!

Lee Yong Hwan said...

Thank you, Fred Lynch.
While sketching, I was impressed by healthy and energetic urban lives.