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February 16, 2014

Closer to Utopía

After 21 months of fighting, yesterday was marked the deadline for eviction in Corrala Utopia. They had convened a concentration at nine in the night in Corrala.
Last friday, one day before, the court announced a postponement. Currently the eviction is stopped for one week. They will sit to talk.


Last night the neighbors were happy faces .
People were strong. Hopefully. No fear.
Broken voices.
On the street, next to the Corrala, about five hundred people were supporting a dream that now looks a little more possible.
The 30 families slept at home last night.
They need the union of all. Now more than ever.


They only ask for a house.
We are asking for a home for these people who now are closer to Utopía.


nelson paciencia said...

Inma, from your drawings we can also hear the voices from the people, their fears and their hope. Beautiful..

Inma Serrano said...

Thank you Nelson. It was at night, I did not look at the sketch, always looking to the people. Probably that´s the reason!

Nina Johansson said...

I agree with Nelson, your drawings are full of sound, as well as the story of what is happening. Wonderful reportage sketching!

Inma Serrano said...

Than you Nina!!!

Marina Grechanik said...

really strong and expressive, Inma! thank you for sharing, hope these people will get the solution!

Isabel said...

very good reportage strong drawings hope there will be a soltion and a home for this people

memi said...

Fantastic, strong reportage, Inma~

Inma Serrano said...

Thank you girls!

Veronica Lawlor said...

Very intense, love this reportage. You can feel the drama of the moment.