February 16, 2014

A Changed World exhibition @ National Museum of Singapore

50 sketchers from USK-Singapore group are currently exhibiting their sketches at the National Museum of Singapore. This is our very first public exhibition with the museum. We count it a privilege as one of the very few community group to be invited into the museum. Our little exhibition ties in with a current exhibition by pioneer Singaporean artists entitled 'A Changed World'. This weekend I will also be making a short presentation about UrbanSketchers and the free-hand sketching movement to the public.

Below are two of my own submission to show the ever changing landscape of Singapore. I hope it also shows you how diverse and multi-racial our urban Singapore is.
Victoria Street, Singapore South Bridge Road, Singapore

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Jessie Chapman said...

I love seeing this news about your group's success! Nice to hear about the event. Thanks so much for sharing!