January 29, 2014

Viviendas sin vida

Every city has a beautiful side that politicians like to show in advertising campaigns promoting their management of urban policies. But there is usually a darker side that is not seen in tourists information offices, a painfully dying side that is bound to disappear soon, only inhabited by cats now that their dwellers have moved to a different place. And yet it shows a disturbing beauty... Málaga is no exception to this.

 Málaga, viviendas sin vida

Málaga, viviendas sin vida

This decaying urban parts, incredibly located in the core of the city, are forgotten by nearly everyone, but not all. An exhibition called "Viviendas sin vida" (dwelling without life) is presently held, trying to put a spotlight on them and keep a record before it is too late. Among other collectives, like photographers or video artists, our local Urban Sketchers Málaga team was invited to take part in the event, so we planned a route that took place last december. I drew an accordion sketchbook on that occasion, you can scroll through its pages above. You can also see the results of other participants here.

Do not miss this video on youtube shooted by the organizers of the exhibition. There you can find some photos from our sketching tour and from the vernissage; the music belongs to the ancient folklore from Málaga and was played live at the show.


VHein said...

You reveal so much beauty in these vignettes, Luis!

CharlieAmra said...

I bet your groups sketches were well received. These are quite wonderful.

memi said...

Wonderful, Luis. I especially love the close-ups..

Murray Dewhurst said...

Superb record of place Luis.

Luis Ruiz said...

Thanks! We were alone in many parts of the tour... a sad experience, but enriching!