January 30, 2014

Sketching Disney World

I just got back from WDW where I had a great time sketching. Below are some of my favorites from the trip. More can be seen on my flickr page or on my blog.


Veronica Lawlor said...

DisneyWorld-a drawing paradise! Nice work, I especially enjoyed your version of Main St USA.

Kevin said...

Awesome! But I must ask how do you find time to sketch at WDW? Were you with family? I was at Disneyland recently, and I was never able to find a moment to just sit down and draw.

Chris Buchholz said...

Yes I was with family. I must say it's not easy to find the time, but I would just draw every day I was there for about an hour. Sometimes for example my family would go watch a show and I would instead draw and meet up with them afterwards. Also, I'm a very early riser so I would often draw early morning scenes from inside the hotel. It helps to draw real fast too, sometimes I just draw with pencil the essence of the subject from direct observation, and then I ink and color it in later. It's definitely a sacrifice taking the time to draw while at WDW, but for me it's worth it