January 29, 2014

NYC Polar Vortex

In case you haven't seen the news from the United States, we are in the middle of a polar vortex. Now I'm not sure exactly what that means except I know it means it's been damn cold! Temperatures in New York City have hovered at around 5 degrees fahrenheit (-15 celsius) and the when the wind blows it goes even lower. 
The southeastern US is not prepared for this - yesterday two inches of snow fell in Atlanta Georgia and stopped up traffic for hours...like a 30 minute drive took 8 hours. Whoa.
I drew the couple above while riding on the E train tonight. Even underground in the subway, people are huddling for warmth. Let's hope we get some soon!!


VHein said...

You certainly caught the feeling here, Veronica--hope you stay warm!

Kamaraka said...

Very well captured the feeling of cold in the faces.
And be sure all over the world has been seen images of your suffering polar vortex. Hope it goes out soon!

Murray Dewhurst said...
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Murray Dewhurst said...

I just looked up polar vortex, but I'm none the wiser really, it just sounds bloody cold! I hope you get warm soon!

Suhita said...

stay warm. That couple looks so sad. They need some warm churros.