January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

For some reason Canadian honey doesn't look like American honey. The packaging I mean. I'm not sure where someone gets Canadian honey in the US. Maybe it was smuggled across the border. Anyway that's what it looks like. Very exotic. Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year. Also Martin Scorsese has a new movie out called, The Wolf Of Wall Street. A big part of the film is about the shoe designer, Steve Madden. I used to do all the ads for Steve Madden shoes. One of my old Madden TV commercials made it into the film. It's one I made with director, Butch Belair. Not too many people get to be part of a Martin Scorsese film. Pretty surreal.


owen swain said...

Happy New Year from a CanadiAn. No 'e' :) CanadiAn like AmericAn.

"CanadiEn" is the French spelling, as in the hockey franchise, The Montreal Canadiens. Canadien sounds like Kanad-EAn. :)

Lovely drawing. I grew up with that label. Next time you're oot and a boot, perhaps draw some yummy poutine [pooteen - ick] ;-)

kane said...

Thanks, I fixed my typos.

owen swain said...

Welcome. An artist and a gentleman is Kane. :-)

matthew_c said...

That's a familiar package to me too.
I've discovered that honey should not be kept in the fridge, it gets cloudy and turns solid.
Congrats on the film, and nice sketch.