January 31, 2014

Fuga in Barcelona

Paseo de Gracia

Souvenir of Barcelona USK Symposium, attending Veronica Lawlor workshop in Paseo de Gracia. I'm not sure I succeed in following Veronica's advises anyway it is always inspiring to sketch beside her.  Architecture is something I am used to draw, but not in the suggested more graphical and loose approach. I added some colors later on, not a good practice but it can happen when I am particularly slow. Below, a panorama from the top of Museu d'Historia de Catalunya, where I have been with some friends - a local group of sketchers that call themselves "la fuga"- two days before Symposium. Nice memories of a city I really like, a great place indeed for a sketching fuga - both escape than perspective vanishing point in italian.



Orn B Jonsson said...

Wow! Love your style, the way you sketch and how you draw the people in the picture. It becomes so alive! Great work, coloring and everything.

Veronica Lawlor said...

Simo, I love this drawing! So glad you posted it. :)

Cathy Gatland said...

These are wonderful drawings!