January 13, 2014

fairy tale village in germany

I went for a few days to a very small and unknown village in the south west of germany last week: neudenau.
the main place is an impressive juxtaposition of old medieval houses, and in spite of the 3ºC and the rain, I manage to sketch some of them. I wish I could have sketched the all landscape as on this picture, but my frozen fingers can't make it, and I had to spend an hour indoor next to the fire place between this 2 drawings…
neudenau neudenau

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Rolf Schröter said...

toll. kratzmüllers signatur neben den ganzen 400 Jahre alten Jahreszahlen gefällt mir besonders.
very narrative

JJG said...

My Dear Mr Rabbit, most fairies have no tails, nice drawing nevertheless!

lapin said...

danke rolf!

jjg: merci, bien observé! je corrige.