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January 22, 2014

Arms The Size Of Telephone Poles

I've drawn this angle on an airplane so many times that I need to do something to amuse myself. I happened to be sitting next to a huge guy. It gave me the idea to exaggerate him. I wanted him to look jammed into this seat, which he was by the way. Then I just thought up a bunch of silliness to go with it. This drawing is a very good indication of how my mind works. You get to actually see the stupid thoughts in my head. I basically just try to crack myself up all day long. I've never grown out of MAD magazine. Oh, by the way, I have been asked to exhibit in a new art show opening in Toronto. It's at the Design Exchange Museum. The show is curated by Pharrell Williams. Included in the show is Takashi Murakami and KAWS. Pretty good company.


Kamaraka said...

I laughed a lot with your drawing notes.

wadley.plan said...

So...was Martha really on the plane with you?

What me worry?

kane said...

She sure was on the plane.

kane said...

She sure was on the plane.

Tim said...

This made me chuckle! I'm 6'5" and this is pretty much how flying feels for me.