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Thursday, December 12, 2013

More from Tangier

Apart from the stuff already published on this post, during my trip to tanger on last november I made some more drawings. Here they are.

Verena on flight
I don't love to draw on flight anymore, always the same stuff and angles, but in this case the position of this german girl playing Candy Crush caught my attention on a flight from Barcelona to Seville. After the flight I showed her the drawing and she put her name on it. Thank you Verena!

Flamenco &  jazz en La Carbonería
Seville, the evening before taking the ferry to Tangier. We go to La Carbonería to listen some flamenco and some jazz with Manolo Marcos playing sax (quite good I must say).

Irish Pub in Tangier
Tangier, Irish Pub. Not so typical. 80's atmosphere, beer, spirits, many men, some women, no local garments, Barça playing soccer on TV. A man plays moroccan music on a Roland synth. On the next table an old man drinks with a young couple. The two men wear sport clothes while the girl seems much more formal with her short yellow party dress. The young couple seats prudently close, I wonder if the old man is the girl's father...

Tanger, the Msaman Lady
Msaman seem like crêpes but they remind me some kind of light churros. Anyway they are fantastic, and the lady that prepared them, unforgettable.

Aurora in Tánger
Tea and sketch at Souk Dakhel Square with Aurora, Inma, Celia y Sagar.

Sevilla, Plaza de la Alfalfa
A stop in Seville coming back from Tangier. Drawing Plaza de la Alfalfa with Inma and Sagar.


Jimu said...

All very good my favourite is the Bari sax.
Love your use of colour!

Miguel Herranz said...

Thank you Jimu!

CharlieAmra said...

I love the choice of a red sky and the white outlined figures in the Plaza de la Alfalfa picture. There is a whole, deep story going on in that picture. Thanks for sharing.

Asnee said...

What a beautiful series of work indeed, Miguel. Wonderful lines drawings and colors.

Suhita said...

Love that last sketch! you make that paper work so beautifully.

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