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Saturday, December 7, 2013

How the Mall Stole Christmas

Twas two days past Black Friday and all through the Mall
The shoppers came rushing, around Santa's fake hall,
I began sketching children put on Santa's knee,
giving plenty of time for my wife's shopping spree.

My vantage point was the only one that cost no money,
others gathered here considering the scene quite funny.
The activity was earnest as all waited for a sight,
for this Santa had a real beard to parents delight.

Parents they waited, and fingered their phones,
ignoring their children who screamed and moaned.
From my vantage point I could see the grim scene,
as children were forced to sit, and then screamed.

A photographer's assistant tried to distract them a moment,
using squeeze toys and baubles for the children's enjoyment.
A hot flash blinded, then appeared, a red nose and white beard.
Kids screamed till their lungs burned from all that they feared.

A mom saw Saint Nick sip from his flask,
"I hope that it's water" she told her kids with a gasp.
 The old man put up with photos galore.
Parents and children crowded in for ever more.

Then behind me I heard a mall guard and I swallowed..
Your sketch looks fine, but rules must be followed.
Sketching isn't allowed in this Mall without asking.
Managers are all gone, so you must stop your sketching.

But people shoot pictures all day without stopping.
Only photos of faces should be captured while shopping.
 I texted my wife to let her know I'd been spotted,
I continued to sketch after the mall guard departed.

I left the sketch unfinished and my anger abated,
This season our money would go somewhere art isn't hated.
If you shop in a mall this holiday season,
avoid Mall at Millenia where I'll not shop, for good reason.

Hundreds of dollars of money unspent,
as my wife packed her wallet and back home we went.
Perhaps this year something local I'll buy ,
supporting craftsmen whose talents I'll try.


Allison said...

Love this post and your sketch. I don't understand why they wouldn't allow sketching. Thanks for sharing.

JJG said...

You are natalophobic. Just wait till the end of the month.

Karen said...

Great post. I loved it!

kane said...

Great way to tell your tale.

kumi matsukawa said...

Love your unfinished sketch very much. I too was prohibited to sketch in a department store years ago. Maybe they scare us. We do magic of sketching that something photos can't capture...

Sue Pownall said...

Great rhyme and sketch.

It's nonsense you can't sketch there - I hope others follow your boycott.

Cathy Gatland said...

Excellent Thor - this all sounds familiar, plus the factor that poor Santa is dressed in a red suit at 30°C!

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