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Thursday, December 26, 2013


wildmeisterdamm_261213 brinks_261213 KopieHugoHermannStr_261213 KopieULipschitzallee_261213 Kopie

This morning, I realized, that I never visited Gropiusstadt.

At Wildmeisterdamm a littel forest grew inbetween 'the functional city'. Cristmas strollers chat, fathers with childern on the way to the soccer field.
There is gastronomy for warming up. Mopeds on the sidewalk. The U7 line passes through Station Lipschitzallee.


kumi matsukawa said...

Great depiction of the contrast between coldness of outside and warmth of inside.

Rolf Schröter said...

Thank You, Kumi!
In fact it is very warm, regarding time of the year, anyway, after an hour of sketching outside some heated interior was very welcome.

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