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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

an old fashioned village in downtown Seoul

a scene of the village along the street

Seosomun Apartment, one of the oldest ones in Seoul

a scene viewed from the railroad crossing 

another scene viewed from the railroad crossing 

a scene looking at Seosomun Overpass

the National Policy Agency, a landmark at Migeun-dong

buildings around Migeun-dong including Gyeongui Line

an old restaurant 

a snack stall and a shoe repair shop

a narrow alley passing through Seosomun apartment
( pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm )
Recently, I visited Migeun-dong village several times, which is an old village and located in Seodaemun-gu near the center of Seoul. There are lots of old fashioned buildings built near by the side of railway on the Gyeongui Line over which Seosomun Overpass is crossing. The habitability of housing, including old Seosomun Apartment, is not so satisfied owing to the some noise and inconvenient environment. Nevertheless, the unique and lively sceneries of the village, which is scheduled for regeneration within the near future, are so colorful and somehow attractive for sketching. I drew some disordered but interesting sceneries around the old fashioned hidden village. 



amazing sketches!

petescully said...

I really love your sketches, they have so much life. Love seeing your posts.

matthew_c said...

What a great series of sketches.
You guys in Seoul make me curious about your city.

Lee Yong Hwan said...

Thanks all for your favorable comments. While sketching, I was felt as if I was in a different world in the forest of buildings.

Andrew Barger said...

im in seoul too!! are there ever any sketching meetups?

Omer Malik said...

Your use of colors and lines blend
very well! Major props! Lovw it!

Lee Yong Hwan said...

Andrew, If you want to sketch with Seoul urban sketchers, visit "" and refer to the headline "January Sketching Meetups". Hope to see you there.

Omer, Thanks for your comment of encouragement.

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