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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Amsterdam trip 1/2

I've just had the pleasure of taking 30 of my BA interior design students on an intensive study trip to Amsterdam. A very early flight out meant that by the time we arrived at our accommodation everyone was slightly flagging - so the decision was made to spend the afternoon at the recently reopened, Rikjsmuseum, which was quite close to where we were staying. Students duly dispatched into the museum…strict instructions to see Rembrandt's 'Nightwatch' and the Van Gogh's, gave me some serious sketching time in the concourse area! What a stunning space, beautiful reworked.

view of Rijksmuseum concourse
2 sketches; one more considered and carefully drawn with attention to architectural detail, and one completed fairly quickly with non waterproof ink and lots of paint flowing - quickly because the museum closed at 6pm on a Monday. Time flies when I'm sketching...and by then I was being rather hassled to leave the building by museum staff!

Rijksmuseum 1
Rijksmuseum 2
So what to do next…students on study trips (well my students!) seem to gravitate to Irish pubs, so that's where we went next! It took over an hour for the paint to dry on the quick sketch but by then we were tucked up in a cosy Irish pub on the Leidesplein planning the itinerary for the rest of our trip.


Rene Fijten said...

Great drawings. Visited the Rijks myself a few weeks ago, couldn't do this secen, it was too crowded. Drew the plane on the top floor instead.

Roberto Vaisman said...

Nice place and outstanding sketches.

Zoe, ontheroad said...

Great drawings and I do hope you'll post more as the trip goes on.

Al Whittle said...

Great sketching as always Simone, love the freedom of the lines and splashes. The people on the sketches have life to them as well, unlike the people on your actual photo who look like a photoshop add on! :o)

Ross Sutherland said...

Very nice simone...we are going to Amsterdam and I will take a copy of your sketch of the interior as inspiration.

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