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Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Night at the Theatre

Every Christmas we try and catch a concert at Manchester's Bridgwater Hall. This year it was the music of Rodgers, Hammerstein and Hart - my mothers choice. Great seats, side balcony in the circle - stunning view! I let the music and singing wash over me as I sketched, although I did stop for 'Some Enchanted Evening' from South Pacific which I absolutely love. Unfortunately it was a fairly average much so, my partner retired to the bar half-way through the first half - that said, he's not really into musicals! 

Both sketches are panoramic views, but the second one looks up to the complicated roof structure - not down (so much) on the orchestra and audience. A black wash was added later (it's still drying as I write this), to try and clarify what I've drawn, as it's fairly complex - it's a big concert hall - especially as drawn in the near dark. Outside my comfort zone with these drawings - too many people, no splashes of colour...but a good way to pass time and I do find it exciting (and challenging!) to try and capture such a busy view within a finite time scale.

First half
Second half
Last post of the year from me, so I'll take this opportunity to wish anyone reading this very best wishes for New Year and much happy urban sketching in 2014! It's my first full year being involved with this vibrant and engaging USk community and I am so enjoying being a part of it...thanks and best wishes to all of you.


Sandy's drawing room said...

These are beautiful, really clear and descriptive!

beamish13 said...

absolutely amazing! what materials and paper did you use?

Shari Blaukopf said...

Best wishes to you Simone! These are wonderful, as always.

George said...

Terrific idea! Must have been fun to do in the dark. :)

Simone Ridyard said...

Thanks so much...good feedback is lovely to receive! Dear Beamish13, just a Moleskine notebook and fine liner pens - 0.1 and 0.5mm. I added a watercolour wash (just black) at home. Very best wishes Sandy, Shari, Beamish13 and George for 2014!

elizabethhutchinson said...

Fabulous!!! What a wonderful thing to see. Thanks!!

Simone Ridyard said...

Thanks so much Elizabeth!

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