June 11, 2013

Sketching with Gary and Anandamayi

Gary Amaro, a correspondent Berkery, California visited Japan with his girlfriend Anandamayi. We met in Tokyo and my sketch friends TETSU and Junichi later joined us and we had sketch session.

We met up in Ginza. ( I guess some of you who have visited Tokyo and had met me in Ginza must be giggling . Yes, again, I asked them to come and meet in front of Wako building. It is one of the landmarks there and I thought no one would miss finding it. So I won't miss them) One street became pedestrian-only zone as is always the case on weekends in the afternoon, we started to draw each other in the middle of the street.

As I saw his sketchbooks, those delicately drawn pencil works directly, I so much liked to mimic his way.

From left, Gary's, Anandamayi's and my sketch

Left, Gary's and light, mine

Sketching Gary

Sketching Anandamayi

After lunch, we walked toward Tokyo Station, there TETSU and Junichi got together with us, then we went to 8th floor of a building where we were able to see whole view of Tokyo station.

This time, Gary sketched using watercolor. He says he usually brings watercolor set with him but rarely uses it. Since he saw my watercolor sketches, he felt like try it. And I think this is fun part of meeting sketchers.
We are so much influenced each other just by having quick glance of each works.

Gary was sketching using watercolor. I noticed that he has more opaque pastel tone colors in his palette.

Anandamayi was drawing me

Junichi was sketching the other way, there you can see the Imperial Palace.

TETSU was using pen

Our result of the day.
Since Gary stood side by side with TETSU and seen his pen work, some details were added with pen on his watercolor drawing. Sketch style is contagious when we are so near.

Tokyo Station

Sketch gathering at Shin Maru bulg.

It is always short period of time and we barely communicate or talk while sketching, but we learn a lot through the session. I treasure this kind experience.

Before they fly back to the US, I had chance to see them again. Anandamayi has her exhibition in Tokyo until June 30th. I visited the opening day, and I was able to see her unique art works as well as her in beautiful paper dress that she made! More over it was great to see more Gary's latest sketches done in Japan.

Well, I hope they can go back home safely with full of good memories and can post their story and sketches in this blog.


Alissa Duke said...

Thank you for sharing your day. I like the commentary and details you gave. It felt like I was there.
You are right - everyone seems to be inspired when sketching with others

kumi matsukawa said...

Not only seeing the result but also knowing the process, tool, stories behind are real treats, really.

gabi campanario said...

Lovely post, Kumi. So many benefits from drawing with fellow sketchers!

kumi matsukawa said...

And it also brings a lot of discovery, for instance, without guiding others, I wouldn't have realized that I knew so little about our own culture, good place to visit, how to explain certain things in English, etc..

Asuka Kagawa said...

Beautiful post Kumi-san!
Collaboration at it's best.

kumi matsukawa said...

Thank you, Asuka-san! ...And did you giggle?