June 10, 2013

Quick trip down the coast

I took a quick trip down to Portland, Oregon on the weekend and due to timing the ferry back incorrectly I had a few hours to pop in on Seattle too.
Portland is a nice city, and to my mind about the perfect size, and out of pure luck I happened to catch two of Portland's important annual events. First was the Rose Parade which I got a good look at while eating breakfast at a second floor restaurant. The second was the annual naked bike ride which was hilarious. Thousands upon thousands of Portlanders drive down the street stark naked on their bikes, skateboards, scooters, unicycles, tricycles - you name it. What a hoot!   
This is a sketch of a beautiful old "flatiron" building in Seattle. I was basking in warm sun when I started and was shivering in cold shade by the time I packed up to get back to my car in time to avoid a parking ticket. This is a wonderful view down Olive Way as the street drops steeply under the monorail. The view leads way out to a far hillside and a low-rise neighborhood in contrast to the towering skyscrapers in the immediate vicinity. This building had a real grace about it with obvious Italian Renaissance motifs.
This is a sketch of the Moon Locking Pavilion at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in downtown Portland. It's an authentic garden built and designed by Chinese craftsmen with a large pond, rock gardens, planting, and traditional buildings based on a 16th Century Chinese scholar / government official's residence . I love inward focused housing based around courtyards. I excelled at the chopstick game based on my years living in Vancouver and eating with them all the time. 
This is a sketch of a guy on the ferry from Victoria, BC to Port Angeles, WA. He was utterly absorbed in his tablet device oblivious to the majestic Olympic mountains getting closer and closer. 


Lee Yong Hwan said...

Each sketch shows special feeling. Beautiful!

Pedro said...

How good to incorrectly plan the ferry !
This "given" times, not spent, not stolen, are maybe the best to draw, and in each sketch you show the joy and pleasure of drawing them.

matthew_c said...

Thanks Lee Yong and Pedro.
Pedro - yes - "stolen moments" often make great sketching times.

Rolf Schröter said...

really beautiful sketches, capture very unique atmosphere each and tell a story together.

matthew_c said...

Thanks Rolf.