June 13, 2013

Mediterranean Holiday next days

Continued from http://www.urbansketchers.org/2013/06/mediterranean-holiday-continuation_7.html
and http://www.urbansketchers.org/2013/05/tel-aviv-by-morning.html

Despite the very tough schedule we succeded to walk around a bit. For instance we spent a day in Old Jaffo so I was able to sketch some Jaffo streets I was never done before and actually dreaming of it. Now it's finally happend.

Those ancient yellow stone walls that looks like loafs of white bread becouse of constant salt wind influence from the Mediterranean Sea always inspired me. As well as plenty of magical mistery looking artisan goods you can get on a way.

And I was glad I was able to catch a glimps of local food we enjoied before. The good thing that all our all time favorite places still on, alive and kicking. We wasn't able to make a tour at the new ones - mission impossible even for two weeks there. And there are real good!

I was also very much satysfied of my complimentary Stillman and Birn Skethcbook. It's large format and thick ivory paper was just fine for that sort of travel and especially for the kind of sketching-meet scrapbooking I usually do. Thank you guys!