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June 7, 2013

Mediterranean Holiday (continuation)

Continued from here -

So we started that perfect sunny morning at the sea by sitting on the beach all day. The more important purposes of our visit will wait - it's two weeks ahead!

We were even having there breakfast and lunch at the beach caffee "North Beach at the Promenade". If it wasn't enouph we went to grab that choped fried meat dish we loved madly when we were here 7 years ago.

First day passed by just perfect! A Suivre!


Jimu said...

Full of life...I love them!

Eugene said...


Murray Dewhurst said...

Certainly does look like a great day to spend at the beach - I'm jealous!

Marina Grechanik said...

Definitely it's possible to have a lot of fun here, especially if you're a tourist :-)
Great sketches! And I love shuvarma as well!

Eugene said...

Thanks! Sorry we wasn't able to enter some local sketchcrawl - it was hard to convince little Theodora leave the beach in order to go someplace else :)

kumi matsukawa said...

Superb and delightful mood!

Eugene said...

Thanks. I only regret the disbalance between intention and real time. Our schedule beats any good artistic urban sketch intentions :)