June 12, 2013

Film: Sketching in Watercolour Pencils

I just created a new film: it's a sketching demonstration using my Inktense watercolour pencils, done on location at Costa Coffee in Broomhill, in Sheffield. We did a SketchCrawl there in April and I realised the coffee shop's big upstairs window was a perfect vantage point.

The drawing I am creating is this one. It's A3:

Several people have asked me about using the watercolour pencils, so I provided a commentary as I sketched, explaining what I am doing. Hope it's useful.

If you like the film, please 'share' - thanks!


Monkat said...

It's always interesting to see how someone else works. Thank you for the video! In this case, I was particularly interested because I've found the "Inktense" pencils too densely colored to control: my dry sketches look too stark and dark, and adding water made a muddy mess. (In contrast, I love Derwent's regular watercolor pencils both with and without water added.) Watching you work, the difference seems to be that you're doing far less color-mixing in your sketch -- most of the areas are predominately one color. I think I've been applying too many colors and too much pencil to any one area. Interesting! I'd given up on the Inktense line. I'll have to dig them out and try again.

Thank you very much for sharing the video!


Vicky said...

Thanks for posting this. The next best thing to drawing is watching someone else draw, and this had the added benefit of giving lots of good information.

monbaum said...

This looks beautiful, thanks for sharing! I agree with Vicky, it is a bit like a mini-workshop, I just can't get enough of watching people drawing and painting.
Talking about workshops, I am looking forward to attending yours at the symposium! Four weeks to go :-)
Have a lovely evening!

quirkyartist said...

The building reminded me of the place where my grandfather was born, in Bolsterstone, so I knew immediately it had to be your work.

kumi matsukawa said...

Beautiful work as always! Thank you for sharing your method in this video as well as your commentary. I like the way you used the expression “ colorful kind of neutral”. With limited number of colors we use, it is important how we handle dark, neutral, or white objects using those colors and keep unity with bright and vivid objects.

Jimu said...

Hi Lynne,
Unable to view on Ipad will try my laptop.

Shari Blaukopf said...

Great video Lynn. Full of interesting little tips like the way you colour the road.

Joe Baderan said...

Thanks for this video, Lynn.
Btw, what kind of paper did you use?

Jimu said...

Finally saw the video...well worth the wait...great demo Lynne...yer accents not bad either!
Well done.

Jimu said...

Ps the sweat band is a fab tip 2!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks all - glad it was useful!

My mum lives just up the road to Bolsterstone - 5 mins drive. Fancy that.

Yes Jimu - I got the sweatband tip off Liz Steel and it's brilliant (thanks Liz!).

Minkat: I generally try and blend a couple of colours at a time - you're right that more can get muddy.

Joe: the paper is just good quality cartridge - nothing special. You don't get much warping with the waterbrush, as there's not that much water going on at any one time.

Looking forward to meeting you Monbaum :-)